Why choosing Rentacarspain?

We want to give you the best offer with the same conditions , so please consider the following .

We receive a lot of emails ,phone calls ,Whatsapp etc…from clients or future clients , saying other companies have better rates.

We can guarantee , that after 15 years experience, we have the best rates at Malaga airport and costa del sol , and I want to explain why’?

- We DONT charge for fuel , with Rentacarspain the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel , as we dont charge for fuel obviously no charge for “refuelment fee”

What it mean?

Other companies charge 70-100 Eur full tank+Refuelment fee , and in case you want to return with some fuel ,These companies will give you a refund for the fuel left in the tank minus the refueling supplement(around 30 Eur).

So with these companies, you have to pay the Full tank 20% more than normal price + Refueling supplement in total 40-50 Eur , and more , if you choose the option to return empty because always remain some fuel into the tank.
Another companies Charge half tank from 35-65 Eur, a little bit expensive than normal price , and it must be returned empty and in case you want the option to return with the same amount this service will cost 20 Eur.

-We DONT charge from 800-1500 Eur deposit “Like other companies” in case you dont want to get all insurances.

Not all people for security have 1500 Eur on credit cards or want to leave this deposit, So with these companies, you will finish paying the insurance 100-200 Eur and more if you want to reduce the deposit to Zero

Other companies sell “ZERO EXCESS” but it is not real they said:
Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no excess on bodywork damage. Please note that damage to wheels, tyres, glass, locks and the undercarriage is never included. You can take extra insurance for these things(depending group 10-20 Eur) a day. Please note that if you do not wish to take the insurance you will be required to leave a deposit of 650.00EUR

So at the end ,with these companies,For and offer of 10 Eur week you will pay a minimum of 200 Eur with any extra
Remember the majority of these companies never included road assistance , so prepair a lot of money in case something happend during your rental.

With Rentacarspain

-No fuel charges,the car must be returned with the same amount of fuel
-We have 24h road assistance included into the price with free towing vehicle and passenger assistance
-Fully comprehensive INSURANCE
-*UNLIMITED mileage(depending rate)
-Free additional drivers
-No Courtesy coach
-Delivery at the airport
-*Cancellation Free

With us and depending the last minute offer ,we always said at the time of the booking if you must add Windows and tyres insurance 30 Eur, .

For example for a car cost 25 Eur/week and depending offer you can pay

-25 Eur and leave a deposit of 390 Eur excess
-50 Eur with WT included (think the cost of windows and tyres are around 2000 Eur and is covered) and deposit of 390 Eur excess
-125 Eur(25week+100Full/In) is absolutly all included peace of mind,no excess no deposit

what we have extra ,Young driver (7-10Eur/day),out of hours 30 Eur from 22:00-08:00 , Baby seat 4€ day ,GPS 5€ ,Golf clubs 29 €/week , *30 Eur cancellation with less than 24 hours

I hope this info can help next time you want to rent a car at malaga airport and costa del sol

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