Car hire Malaga no deposit - no excess

All car hire companies have a deposit and depending the rate , the deposit / excess will be more or less , Our deposit never is more than 400 Eur.
With us you can choose the option of a “REAL No excess No deposit”,I said REAL ,because there are other companies that sell unreal Zero Excess after you read in the detail it said (Fully Comprehensive Insurance with no excess on bodywork damage. Please note that damage to wheels, tyres, glass, locks and the undercarriage is never included. You can take extra insurance for these things(depending group 10-20 Eur) a day. Please note that if you do not wish to take the insurance you will be required to leave a deposit of 650.00EUR)

With us Rentacarspain if you decide the option peace of mind Super Pay Full insurance , you only have to pay the price for the car and around 10 Eur day.


For a week price of 30 Eur ,paying 100 Eur in total you will be fully covered and No deposit-Excess

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